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Landon Harris first experienced sleep paralysis when he was ten years old, back when a monster living in his closet tormented him every night. One with a wide mouth and hollow eyes. His twin sister, Libby, kept the monster away whenever she was near. Her presence also helped unlock him from his body jail. They had an inseparable bond and could even speak to each other inside their heads using their "twin voice." One day, the monster vanished, and so did his sleep disorder.


Twenty-two years have passed, and Landon lives alone in a studio apartment in Prichard, Utah. He uses too many drugs and drinks too much. He's lost his dream to become an astronaut along the way, and he's alienated from his sister. Libby has her own life as a psychiatrist in New York, a world away, with a boyfriend who loves her. She's disappointed with his choices and wishes she could help him. But he's too stubborn, and too set in his ways. 


One night Landon returns home from partying and chasing women. He falls asleep and awakens the following morning with another case of sleep paralysis. Only this time, he can't free himself. He's trapped in his own body, unable to move. The following night, a demon appears in his room and begins to torment him. Meanwhile, a serial killer on the other side of town learns of Landon's condition. He makes plans to visit him, to save his soul and send him to Heaven like he has his other victims. The race is on for Landon to find a way to free himself before the killer arrives.

The Northern Cascades stretch across the horizon as newlyweds Barbara and Craig Eberstark drive their Dodge Durango toward a new beginning in Seattle. Barbara battles insecurities about her looks (despite Craig’s reassurances), and she drinks too much to mitigate a traumatic incident when she was sixteen (something Craig doesn’t know about). A record-setting blizzard arrives, forcing them to park and wait out the storm. They fall asleep, and the next morning they find themselves buried under five feet of snow, trapped with no way out. 


The exhaust pipe is blocked, and when Craig attempts to start the engine, the cab is flooded with poisonous exhaust. Their only source of heat is a purple lighter and leftover newspaper, and their only food are some soup cans found in the moving boxes behind them. The rest of their possessions are packed away in a moving van awaiting their arrival in Seattle. To make matters worse, a sentient beast of unknown origins stalks the area outside their vehicle, and a ghost from Barbara’s past haunts her on the inside. 


When Craig is taken by the predator and presumed dead, Barbara must decide whether to wait inside the Durango with her ghost or escape on foot, taking her chances with the wintery elements and the beast. But these are unforgiving mountains with mysterious secrets that await, some of them as dark and dangerous as her own. 

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