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The Northern Cascades stretch across the horizon as newlyweds Barbara and Craig Eberstark drive their Dodge Durango toward a new beginning in Seattle. Barbara battles insecurities about her looks (despite Craig’s reassurances), and she drinks too much to mitigate a traumatic incident when she was sixteen (something Craig doesn’t know about). A record-setting blizzard arrives, forcing them to park and wait out the storm. They fall asleep, and the next morning they find themselves buried under five feet of snow, trapped with no way out. 


The exhaust pipe is blocked, and when Craig attempts to start the engine, the cab is flooded with poisonous exhaust. Their only source of heat is a purple lighter and leftover newspaper, and their only food are some soup cans found in the moving boxes behind them. The rest of their possessions are packed away in a moving van awaiting their arrival in Seattle. To make matters worse, a sentient beast of unknown origins stalks the area outside their vehicle, and a ghost from Barbara’s past haunts her on the inside. 


When Craig is taken by the predator and presumed dead, Barbara must decide whether to wait inside the Durango with her ghost or escape on foot, taking her chances with the wintery elements and the beast. But these are unforgiving mountains with mysterious secrets that await, some of them as dark and dangerous as her own. 

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